Welcome to “The Conscious Participator” blog.

This blog is a journal of my personal experiences with Karma Clearing – Matrix Clearing Sessions with Alexandriah Stahr, testimonial to her Ashtar Command  also known as Solar Star Command Healing Technologies and an editorial discussion of Stahr’s  books and blogs.

During this time of transition, I am making the choice every day to consciously participate  in the shift of becoming one with Original Mother/Father Creator Source and the return of Planet Earth as a Christed Planet.

The results have been so effective that I felt a blog was needed to discuss these programs, channelings , clearings and prayers available through Alexandriah Stahr and the Star-Essence Temple of Living Light.

Only you can find your inner truth and the energy you align with.  It’s time we all are able to do this WITHOUT outside influences. It is my hope that this blog be used as a reference and a source of inspiration to those who take this path or are considering working with Alexandriah Stahr and the Ashtar Command also known as Solar Star Command.

All has been prepared for you according to your soul’s desire to be One with Original Mother/Father Creator Source.  The efforts you make in these end days will make all the difference in where you ascend to.  Commander Alexandriah Stahr has the Ascension Technologies to make a difference in your current destiny.  Nothing is more important than to prepare for this shift.

                                           –Ashtar & Sananda Updated Messages and    Prayers for 2012, Co-Created with Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and Ashtar Command also known as  Solar Star Command by Commander Alexandriah Stahr, page 5. 

May you find your truth as I am finding mine.

The Conscious Participator